A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Made for the brackeys game jam!

You are a traveler stuck in a time rift. Use your clock to rewind time to change the enviroment and get new passages!

Its hard to find passages and hard to find the clock or the void so take your time.

You have to find the clock! Be careful not to fall into the void!     2 endings!

Use the   keys to move. Press r to rewind time.

When you rewind time new passages may become available also you can trap yourself into some rooms or even get stuck. 

Just rewind to the beggining!

There are some bushes to that kill you!

On death you rewind automatically!

ps dont know if it will work on mac os or linux

Some bugs may present itself


RewoundPlanet.rar 79 MB


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I dont really understand what the goal of the game is

I dont know how to pixel art characters!

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Im bad at making games!